2002 Audi B5 S4 fully built with Tial 770 turbos video

Decided to take a few test runs in the Tial B5 S4 today since we had to move it around for the coming snow. This video is the result! Much more should be coming on this car next year including time spent at the drag strip.

This car has a fully built motor with JE pistons and integrated engineering rods, built transmission, clutchmasters twin disc clutch, Custom eurodyne maestro tuning, and much more! Feel free to contact us about the car with any questions you may have.


Mercedes Benz E55 AMG MBH headers and wavetrac install

Our customer Tim was back for more with his E55 AMG. This car gets tracked and he is always looking to better his time. The car started with a tune and splitting the cooling system. Shortly after he realized that a better torque converter was needed and had us install one of those. He wanted to keep a stock pulley, but make more power. The car was also having trouble hooking both tires in the rear. Our next choice of upgrades was headers from MBH and a rear LSD from Wavetrac. We are both very happy with the results and how the car runs now! Can’t wait to see what numbers he can put out at the track. Here is a video for you guys to enjoy.

2007 MK5 GTI with HTA30r makes 470whp on the Dyno!

We had a chance to finally dyno this car after it being together for a few years now. We have worked on this car since brand new with 12 miles on it, starting with a tune and working our way to the way it sits now. The car has a fully built motor with JE pistons, Integrated Engineering connecting rods, Supertech springs and retainers, supertech valves, Clutchmasters FX400 clutch, Wavetrac differential, and a turbo kit with the HTA30r turbo. We also more recently converted the wastegate to open dump. A base MAFless file from Unitronic was all that was required for tuning to make this power!

Enjoy this video that was put together and let us know if you have any questions about the setup!


MK6 Volkswagen GTI with Unitronic Ko4 turbo kit and tune

We recently wrapped up installing a CTS Turbo intake, SPM custom turbo back exhaust, Unitronic front mount intercooler, Unitronic TSI  Ko4 kit, and Unitronic stage 2+ software on this MK6 GTI DSG. We had the opportunity to run it on our freshly installed dyno and put together a short video of just that. This car hauls and the customer has been extremely happy with the performance! The power output on our dynodynamics dyno was about 285whp – this is equivalent to about 325whp on a dynojet dyno.

If you have any questions about this setup or are looking for similar parts let us know!

Customer made video of Stage 2 MK6 and Stage 3 Mk5 GTI

We have lots of customers from all over the country and world. A couple of our long time customers from the Pittsburgh, PA area put this video together of cars worked on by us. The MK6 has a CTS Turbo intake, Eurojet turbo back exhaust, Unitronic Stage 2 engine and DSG tunes along with a few other cosmetic mods. The mod list on the MK5 GTI is too long to type out, but it includes HTA30r turbo kit, modified GHL exhaust, custom MAFless intake, fully built motor including parts from Integrated Engineering, Unitronic MAFless tune, and much more! Some of you might remember this MK5 from the Unitronic booth at H2o 2012, and everyone should expect to see more of this beast!

We enjoy watching this video over and over so we figured we would share it with everyone!