New equipment – Dyno Dynamics Dynotech dyno!

We have recently acquired a Dynotech dyno from DynoDynamics. We have been keeping this machine busy! We are excited that we can now offer dyno services and show customers before and after results of spending their hard earned money. This machine not only allows accurate power pulls but also allows for steady state tuning. This is a MUST as you can simulate load for partial throttle tuning and also use this feature to properly load bigger turbo diesel trucks to hit full boost on the dyno.

We are currently offering dyno rental, dyno pulls, dyno comparisons for before and after, and dyno tuning for some vehicles. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or if you’d like to set an appointment to check it out! Below are some pictures and video of the dyno in use.


MK6 Volkswagen GTI with Unitronic Ko4 turbo kit and tune

We recently wrapped up installing a CTS Turbo intake, SPM custom turbo back exhaust, Unitronic front mount intercooler, Unitronic TSI  Ko4 kit, and Unitronic stage 2+ software on this MK6 GTI DSG. We had the opportunity to run it on our freshly installed dyno and put together a short video of just that. This car hauls and the customer has been extremely happy with the performance! The power output on our dynodynamics dyno was about 285whp – this is equivalent to about 325whp on a dynojet dyno.

If you have any questions about this setup or are looking for similar parts let us know!