New equipment – Dyno Dynamics Dynotech dyno!

We have recently acquired a Dynotech dyno from DynoDynamics. We have been keeping this machine busy! We are excited that we can now offer dyno services and show customers before and after results of spending their hard earned money. This machine not only allows accurate power pulls but also allows for steady state tuning. This is a MUST as you can simulate load for partial throttle tuning and also use this feature to properly load bigger turbo diesel trucks to hit full boost on the dyno.

We are currently offering dyno rental, dyno pulls, dyno comparisons for before and after, and dyno tuning for some vehicles. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or if you’d like to set an appointment to check it out! Below are some pictures and video of the dyno in use.


OE Tuning 20% OFF Sale!


OE Tuning is offering 20% off until June 30th! Take advantage of this amazing deal. They have great power increases for all types of vehicles including but not limited to; BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and many more! Check out their website for your vehicle or contact us with any questions.

Here are a couple examples of power gains:

Mercedes C63 AMG

Stock Peak HP 451
Tuned Peak HP 538
Stock Peak 443
Tuned Peak Torque 500


BMW M3 E9x V8 4.0

Stock Peak HP 414
Tuned Peak HP 442
Stock Peak 289
Tuned Peak Torque 309


We have used OE Tuning on quite a few notable cars we have done including the SL65 running 10’s, C63 AMG, E92 M3, and many more. Here is an example of the power we made with a C63 AMG