2007 MK5 GTI with HTA30r makes 470whp on the Dyno!

We had a chance to finally dyno this car after it being together for a few years now. We have worked on this car since brand new with 12 miles on it, starting with a tune and working our way to the way it sits now. The car has a fully built motor with JE pistons, Integrated Engineering connecting rods, Supertech springs and retainers, supertech valves, Clutchmasters FX400 clutch, Wavetrac differential, and a turbo kit with the HTA30r turbo. We also more recently converted the wastegate to open dump. A base MAFless file from Unitronic was all that was required for tuning to make this power!

Enjoy this video that was put together and let us know if you have any questions about the setup!


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