CBTuning.net – New shop project Audi B8.5 S5

We are happy to announce that we are working on a new project car for the 2015 season! We just picked up this brand new Audi B8.5 S5 and already have big plans! We are working with our manufacturers such as Unitronic, BC Racing, Shade & Shine, Vorsteiner, and others to create something for everyone to enjoy at different shows and events this year. Be sure to check our the car and talk to us when you see it out!

A partial list of shows we hope to attend this year are; Eurokracy, Waterfest, H2o, SOWO, Gumball meet, AMG Northeast rally, and the list is growing!

Unitronic has different stages available for this car including a pulley kit.
Stock power: 333hp: / 325tq
Stage 1 (91 octane): 390hp / 350tq – $1100
Stage 1+ (93 octane): 415hp / 360tq – $1200
Stage 2+ (93 octane & pulley): 450hp / 385tq – $1600 including pulley and tune

Here are a couple pictures of the car as we got it. Be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on the build!


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  1. This car is really starting to come together. Some surprises are planned. Chris and I are excited about the collaborate effort. LOUD and PROUD! See everyone around the Valley. Listen for us…from a distance! Cheers, Paul Pollice

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