Customer made video of Stage 2 MK6 and Stage 3 Mk5 GTI

We have lots of customers from all over the country and world. A couple of our long time customers from the Pittsburgh, PA area put this video together of cars worked on by us. The MK6 has a CTS Turbo intake, Eurojet turbo back exhaust, Unitronic Stage 2 engine and DSG tunes along with a few other cosmetic mods. The mod list on the MK5 GTI is too long to type out, but it includes HTA30r turbo kit, modified GHL exhaust, custom MAFless intake, fully built motor including parts from Integrated Engineering, Unitronic MAFless tune, and much more! Some of you might remember this MK5 from the Unitronic booth at H2o 2012, and everyone should expect to see more of this beast!

We enjoy watching this video over and over so we figured we would share it with everyone!