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EUROJET MK4 1.8T GTI/GLI Turbo Inlet Hose

EUROJET MK4 1.8T GTI/GLI Turbo Inlet Hose
EUROJET MK4 1.8T GTI/GLI Turbo Inlet Hose
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Eurojet offers a variety of silicone hoses for your VW and other applications. Each hose is hand-crafted with reinforced 5-ply silicone for optimal quality and performance.

The Eurojet turbo Inlet hose upgrades the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) “accordion” hose with a smooth interior that minimizes turbo lag and maximizes horsepower by keeping boost flowing freely without turbulence. In contrast, the corrugated internal surfacing of the OEM hose interrupts airflow and creates “eddies” within the intake tract, increasing turbulence, decreasing performance, and adding undue stress on the turbo.

The upgraded Eurojet turbo hose will allow your turbo to breathe easier, eliminate intake stream turbulence, free up a few ponies, and increase your throttle response. It’s a great upgrade that’s easy on the wallet.


  • Material: 5-ply silicone rubber
  • Diameter: 2.75" tapering to 2”
  • Material wall thickness: 5 mm



  • Reinforced 5-ply hand-wrapped silicone
  • Gloss black with Eurojet logos
  • Increased air flow design
  • Stainless steel T-bolt clamps

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