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Unitronic 2.0 TSI K04 Kit

Unitronic 2.0 TSI K04 Kit
Unitronic 2.0 TSI K04 Kit
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Unitronic KO4 software:
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Comes with no software or includes price for upgrade to ko4 software for existing customers. Please choose $100 option if you want a Unitronic tune to go with this and you are a new client.

 Unitronic’s K04 Turbocharger Upgrade Kit for the transverse 2.0L TSI engine is the perfect combination of performance, reliability, and drivability. Utilizing the OEM Borg-Warner K04-0064 turbocharger from European Audi/VW models, Unitronic’s K04 kit is a comprehensive package including all necessary components to boost performance to an astounding 340HP/330LB-FT TQ (+140HP/+123LB-FT TQ) with meticulously calibrated Unitronic’s Stage 2+ Performance Software (included). Deliver the power while maintaining your 2.0L TSI’s OEM appearance now!
Unitronic Stage 2+ (K04) Performance Software
Unitronic modified Borg-Warner K04-0064 Turbocharger (with N75 Valve & Wastegate Actuator)
Unitronic 2.0 TSI Diverter Valve Relocation Kit
Unitronic 2.0 TSI Silicone Turbo Outlet Hose
Unitronic Boost Cap
Unitronic 2.0 TSI Hardware Kit (Includes all gaskets & hardware for install)

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